Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photography: Watch out for this

A DSLR is a very expensive peace of equipment, and if you dont have the money to be getting a new one each month so to speak, you have to take into account several things that will make your camera last longer! I have listed a few below that you should take into account when handling your camera.

1. Dropping your camera and bumping it
Keep the camera in your camera bag at all times (and make sure the bag is closed) and if not make sure your using the strap to secure the camera to your body, throw it over your neck and let it hang there. Check your strap once in a while, because it can wear out and who knows you might drop the camera! If you don't you might end up with something like this:

photo by: pointnshoot

2. Theft
Yeah people will actually seal your stuff, trust me specially those who know much camera equipment is worth. So when your working in environments that your not completely used to always have your eye on your gear. Try not to carry around the camera to "openly" when visiting places that are know for theft, specially if your going abroad.

3. Salts
If you spend alot of time close to the beach, the salt in the air will ruin your camera unless you wipe it of and give it a bit of an extra rub with some cloth when you get home. The salt will get into the system of your camera. If you find yourself shooting alot in salty areas so to speak, it might be worth while to get a UV filter to protect the exterior of your lens.

4. Water/Moisture
This will ruin your camera really fast, so watch out where you placed your camera, i rea da few times on the web about people dropping their cameras in oceans, toilets etc. Thats were the strap comes in handy! Keeps the camera close to you. Be aware of were you place your camera. Also a important thing to point is when your outside in the cold and moving the camera to warmer condition you might cause condensation, this will get into your camera. So to avoid this, place the camera in your camera bag when taking it indoors and let it rest for a while before taking it out of the bag if you need to.

5. Dust and Sand
Yes you want to watch out for this as well, specially dust it will sneak into your camera and start to pile up. So to avoid this just keep your camera in the bag and store it in a rather dust free environment. I keep my camera in my bag on a table and sometimes put it into a draw, and keep that draw extra clean just for that sake. Sand is also an issue that will scratch your camera when you least think about it. It might be worth while to get a LCD protector for your camera if you don't want any scratches to it. I don't have a LCD protector myself, but i m thinking i should get one

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Jake said...

Ouch. That was easily a lens that costs around 1300 dollars. If that happened to me, I would literally have a blank expression on my face, blank like the photo Ed submitted for the June Assignment ( and just to be kinda funny, I accidentaly just printed a 20 page screen paper, (and 3 pages ended up on photo paper :()

Alexander Blacker said...

Bummer jake!

Yeah if that would happen to me i would have been pretty sad to :(

Graham said...

Protect your camera from.....


On the lens of course.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!