Monday, May 19, 2008

How to: Avoid getting a dirty sensor

I hate dust, no matter where it is, and ifs on my sensor even worse! It can ruin a good shot and it i will just add a bunch of extra work in post processing, which at times you just don't have those spare minutes to grab the clone tool and clone half of the image or even worse you have something like below:

If your sensor has reached this stage, your not really treating your camera the way your supposed to, so i m going to line up some tips on how to keep it clean, or at least decrease the chances of it getting dirty or dusty or even scratched:

If its windy outside and your buy the beach for example, don't change the lens right there find a wind free region or go back in your car or else were the risk of getting something into the sensor are slim. Alternative don't change the lens you have on (prepare before going out)

Very important, turn your camera OFF when changing the lenses. Why? Well just in case you where to press the shutter release this would flip the mirror open, and also the more reasonable explanation: is that some camera have an electrical charge on their image sensor and this will attract dust towards it it.

Try not to place the camera with the sensor/opening facing upwards but downwards, this prevents any dust or anything dirt flying over the camera at the moment to fall in the hole - its impossible that dust will fly up into your camera (or at least the odds are slimmer then vice versa)

Prepare the "switch" lens as i like to call it before removing the lens that is mounted on the camera is going of. This limits the amount of time that opening will be open. Its easier to clean the rear end of a lens then the camera sensor.

Don't place a dirty lens on the camera, this is going to get dust on the sensor. So, if you can blow with a blower or something of anything that is at the rear end of the lens just to be on the "safe" side.

If you don't know how to clean your sensor, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT! A SCRATCHED SENSOR NEEDS TO BE CHANGED which is really expensive, you might as well get a new camera. And if your going to clean it yourself make sure you know what your doing and that your using the proper equipment and that your cleaning the sensor in a "dust" or at least less dusty zone/area.

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