Monday, May 12, 2008

Review: Flash Bounce Diffuser for Nikon SB-600

This is a picture taken without the diffuser mounted on the SB 600. Shot at 45 degrease, there are some pretty harsh shadows in the image-which are some what unpleasant.

Here is the shame shot with the diffuser mounted on the flash, at 45 degrease also-note that i bumped up the power by two stops to make the total flash output the same (the diffuser brings down the output by 2 stops). The light on the toy is alot smoother on the entire toy, which is more pleasant to the eye's, and it seems to be more even, and rendering a more natural color the without the diffuser.

Its clear what the diffuser is doing, and its working great. Its giving some what of a "smoother" shadow behind the toy. Its serves it purpose and was a really good bang for the buck. It does what its supposed to do

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