Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photoshop: Basic Cloning Tutorial Part 2 (2)

Now i pretty much cover the stamp cloning tool but there is another one as well. Its called the "Healing Bursh Tool" and can be found under the band-aid looking symbol in Photoshop.

One thing that i find is very hard to clone is bigger areas, or cloning out bigger object so to speak and make it look natural. The problem with the cloning tool is that your rather limited to the areas you can copy and with combination of opacity it can come to look OK, but for a trained eye you will not get away by just using the cloning tool.

The healing Brush tool works as a smart cloning tool if you will. It takes into account the region that you selected as your source color so it "blends" in better with the area your cloning on so to speak. Thus rendering better results because it takes into account the area your healing to so to speak.

Overall it works the same way (hot keys and how to set the source) as the cloning tool. By holding down the Alt key and then selecting your source and then painting over the spot that you want to replace or heal away.

Below is a is the original photo as well as a try to using the clone tool and the brush healing tool.


Cloning Tool:

Healing Brush Tool:

Now its not all good new with the healing tool so to speak it has its disadvantages as well, yeah i know they couldn't just make a great combination could they, but these tips should help you getting a great results:

-Use a bigger size brush then you would with the cloning tool, use a bigger brush then the area your "healing" so to speak.
-Use a very hard brush, the healing tool softens and blends the image quite well, you may need to adjust this depending on what your doing.


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Hello Alex,

I really appreciate all the efforts you are making to share your experience. Great job on all the PhotoShop stuff, do not get me wrong I believe all the information about post photo-taking processing is important but personally since your site is mainly about PHOTOGRAPHY and many people lack the information and skill on how to take a beautiful photograph, I would say it would be a good idea to concentrate on the photography techniques, such as:

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Again keep up the good job and I am sure you are going to make effort to address the issues mentioned above.

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