Sunday, May 4, 2008

Review : Lowepro EX 160

I haven't posted in a while, sorry for that. So i been working on something good a user review on the my camera bag the Lowepro EX 160. A rather small bag that will fit alot of stuff.

Lets start of with what it is that i place in my camera bag (not all the time, but when i m packing it at max):
1xNikon D40x with the 18-55 mounted
1xSB 600
1xSB 600 stand
1xMini Tripod
1xBattery Charger
1xBattery Charger cable
1xExternal Hard drive (200GB)
1xExternal Hard drive cable
1xHeadphones for the Ipod
1xExtra memory Card
1xExtra Battery
1xCamera transfer cable

see image below:

Now lets pack the bag:

Looks like everything fits (of course this is an extreme scenario). Sorry about the foot in the image, didn't realize that till later.

Now lets close it up:

It can if you want be closed with the zipper or closed with the lid/tung that is pointing up, depending upon what i m doing i will user either or both

Now lets close the tung:

Sorry about the foot again, but gives you some what of a reference, the bag is now closed and good to go. Note that on the tung that i so call it you have a storage compartment, here i usually put my wallet when i don't want to carry it on me, or other small things such a notepad and pencil and notes.

Top view:

Side view (the sides are exactly the same):

Back view:

At the back you can attach the whole bag to a belt if you want, not so clear on the image, but that are those two things that you can see there parallel to each other. I have never used this because it just seems to be too much of a hazel.


Honestly i love this bag, its great, its small, its light, and the material seems to be sturdy. I did not have the "straps" on when taking this shots but it comes with straps of course, but to make the image look cleaner i took them of. With the equipment i have at the moment i can pretty much fit everything i need, if i was going to get another lens a longer one for example i would have to compromise, the flash or the other lens. But i m not a big fan of carrying around heavy things so that isn't really an issue for me. The side have adjustable tightening things so water bottles can go on both sides if you so desire. The bag is a good bang for the buck so to speak, not so expensive and i think its a rather older version. It does come with those "department" separators but i removed them because i though they only took up space you can place them back at any time, and adjust their location because its attached with Velcro.


user said...

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the review. I also always enjoy your photo shoots they are fantastic. One little comment I have is if you could put your contact email in the site so that if people like me new to photography want to contact you they will be able to do so.

Thanks again.

Alexander Blacker said...

Hey, good idea :)

i will do that!

Thanks for checking it out

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the great site. I have a question. I recently purchased a DSLR and have my bag packed similarly to yours - in particular, with the lens facing up in my camera bag. Is it bad for the lens to sit this way in the bag? I try to pull the camera out by the strap but am concerned that it may stress the lens. Any thoughts? Thanks.