Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Photoshop: Creating Actions

I did a tutorial before or shared how to use Photoshop actions, but guess what you can also do them yourself!

Why would you want to make your own actions?
-1 click and you could get you watermark on the image
-Maybe you like to apply the certain frame to all of your photos?
-You could do something that you like to do over and over again with just one click

Lets get down to it!

Step 1:
Have Photoshop open, open the actions pallet (Window>Actions)

Step 2:
At the top right of the Actions box or palette, there is an arrow. Click here to open more options and select New Action. Just like below

Step 3:
This will open a new dialog box, where you name your action (does not really matter what you name it as long as you remember what it does) you can use a a function or hot key for the action if you want as well just scroll the list. In this case we used the hot key F11

Step 4:
Now all you have to do is hit the record bottom, you can do this way by pressing the bottom as shown below, from the time you hit this bottom photoshop will "rember or copy" the steps that your doing.

Step 5:
Once your have done what you want to do to the image all you have to do is hit the "Stop" bottom that is located to the far left of the actions pallet.

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