Friday, May 9, 2008

Photoshop: Greeat Tutorial Sites

Here is todays entry, its about photoshop/elemtens/GIMP/PaintShop tutorial websites.

I cannot keep up with the things that they do on these website ( i m just myself here) and i like to do my tutorials in my way (i do not know if it is the best way but it works)

Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Gimp Tutorials

The Photoshop Roadmap - Tutorials

Photoshop Mosaic - Tutorials

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials [1] [2]

These website have alot of offer when it comes to tutorials. I think they key thing to learn how to use these tutorials to your advantage is that you have to do a very specific search, or get to know the name of a certain action in te software your using. There is also alot of great tutorials on youtube for those whom prefer to watch things to get done, some are on the hand terrible where there isn't any explanation where you just see things happening which doesn't really help!

I will try to get a few more entry's after work today, because i recognizing that i haven't been the best at updating. The reason for this is that i just haven't food good enough material to post. And i'm not a big fan of usless posts.

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