Monday, May 12, 2008

Photography: 25 things to think of as a photographer. Par 2(3)

Lets continue on that topic:

Holding your camera properly is a very important thing to remember, i seen some weird holdings out there and i do not understand how they manage it. Grab your right hand and take a good grip on it with the pointing finger on the shutter trigger and the left hand around the lens (if not the bottom, depending on the size of the lens). As shown in the image below:

If your lacking the focal length to reach something and to make it fill the frame, think that if you shoot a very sharp shot there is always some cropping that can be done to "zoom" in on the image. Of course depending on image quality of the camera that your using the final results might vary alot.

Keep a spare battery and a memory card around, you never know when you will be running out of battery or memory. It has happened to that i was out shooting once at the skate park. And i started to run low on memory, but i had the spare memory card in my pocket so i just did a quick change.

Learn when and how to use the flash. I have an external flash so it can even impact my image more then the built in flash, but do i only use my flash as fill in? Not really no, i use if often to take some macro shots, i use it for portraits and for some fun stuff as well as sports event (when i can get close to the action). I know my flash limitations, the distance it can fire and at what power and the time it take for the flash to reload. By knowing this i can use my flash to the fullest. If you have an external flash try to play around with the power of the flash and see how it changes with aprreture and ISO, and have some fun with it on longer shutter speeds.

Use the light against you to make certain object "pop". What i mean by this is that you use a light that is coming towards your from behind of the object. This creates some what of a silhouette on the object and deepening on the time of the day the object will have a "golden" light around it.

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