Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photography: Landscaping tips

Hey, just going to write out a good list of tips on how to get those stunning landscaping shots.

Stay in shape. Its very important if you want to get to those locations that no one has been to. I personally work out 4 days a week and my main transport is the bike. Your legs will be happy

Keep your sensor clean. Dust spots can ruin a good image (this is if you don't know how to remove them later on in post). Turn your camera of when your going to be changing lenses, and have the lens that your going to change to prepared already so your minimizing the time the sensor can be subjected to dust.

If you have the time, scout for locations during the day and then come back to shoot them at sunset. The colors in the sky during the sunset will add alot of drama to the photograph. Compared to a common blue sky (which at some times can be good as well). Try photographing the location just before a storm kicks in. Anything out of the ordinary will help your photo.

Try combining two exposure if your having a hard time finding the right exposure in the image. You can always put these two images together to make one final image at the end. Or use your AEB system if your camera has it.

Think about where your placing the horizon. You want to be placing it in the middle of the frame, move it up or down a bit depending how interesting the sky is at the moment.

Make sure your wearing proper clothing. You never really know about the weather.

A very good filter to have if you enjoy landscaping is a ND-filter or neutral density filter.

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