Monday, June 2, 2008

Readers: What do you want to read about?

I currently (this morning) don't really have anything obvious crossing my mind to share with you all. But it would be great to get some tips that i you want to read about. I m going out for a photo shoot later on today so it would give me time to illustrate the issue, probably depending on what it is of course with some outdoor photos!


Chenlambec said...

How to go about discretely taking pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Alexander Blacker said...

Hey Chenlambec,

Well for that you would need lenses with long focal lengths. Something around 200 or 300mm should work great. Just stand about and look through the viewfinder use an aperture of about 2-5ish and you will get a real nice background blur and you will minimize the chances of camera shake!

Graham said...

How about some flash photography tips? I don't think I'm making the most out of my CLS-capable setup but you've produced some great ones in your short time with the D80.

I always learn something new from your Photoshop tips too!


Alexander Blacker said...

Flash photography tips? Sounds very interesting indeed! Photoshop sure does sounds tempting as well, the only thing that when it comes to photoshop would be straightening an image, or maybe a simple "airbrushing" or color correction. Because i pretty much covered the basic photoshop "stuff" and now we would be moving into another area of photoshop.