Sunday, May 18, 2008

Equipment: My first time with the D80

I had a first hand experience with the D80 today, and boy let me tell you something. This is a totally different camera from the D40x! I mean i have checked the stats/specifications of the camera and read about them but never really had the chance to play around with the camera. But i would like to share my first though when i grabbed this baby:

First thought:
-Wow its BIG! It feels alot larger then D40x
-Its kind of heavy if your used to the D40x
-Nice grip, feels really good
-Feels like you could drop this and it wouldn't break (not recommended)
-The AF is REALLY loud, sounds like there is a steam machine in there
-When the camera is set to AF you cant move the focusing at all which is great!
-The CLS (creative lightning system) is just alot of fun, if you have an SB 600/800 it allows you to use the flash externally, i had some examples but accidentally deleted them (ops!)
-If i had this camera i would need a different camera bag, the camera and the 18-35 AF and the lens hood was pretty much all i could fit in the main compartment and the SB 600 in the front pocket.
-It was kind of weird, it felt as if the camera had a very hard time AF in some shots. Not so sure on that

Yes i must say that this camera is A LOT different from the D40x (even tho they feature the same sensor). To fully use this camera i would have to read its manual which i cant do because i didn't get to borrow that.

Would i buy this camera body?
I m not so sure, this is because jumping from the D40x to the D80 seems like a such "small" step to jump to, i would rather work with the D300 and pay the extra cash for a bigger jump and a more advanced camera to grow in.

Now if your cup of tea is Nikon and your thinking that the D40/x/60 is going to be to of a budget/small not so advanced camera and you think of yourself as some what serious photographer, then i would recommend getting the D80 because that feels right for some reason.

What about the "important" stuff (ISO performance, sharpness etc)?
Well there is a great review on this camera on Camera Labs, quick link below to the D80 review and the video tour.

The D80
The D80 Video Tour

Now i will be having this camera for a while, so i think i will have it tag along with the D40x at all times, just because i think i can utilize the D40x better, but when i need a faster camera (faster frames per second) i would bring the D80 out, and i will use it the 50mm f/1.8 just because it will not AF on the D80. Now i borrowed the camera with the Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-D and this is quite the comfortable lens, cover a pretty decent focal length good appreture for those "mid/low" light situations. This lens will be coming along as well as the 18-55 kit lens that came with the D40x, note that the 18-35 will not AF on the D40x , and its all a "full" frame lens so to speak or FX lens, this lens works the best on the D3 or an older 35mm film Nikon, but sure works great on the D80!

Thats all for now, just a lill "mini" review if you will on the D80 compared to the D40x


Jake said...

Alex,I have never understood settling with a cheaper model, if you have the means to go up, so if you want a camera and you're looking at the d40 or d60 or d70, and you can afford the d80, then why the hell not?


Alexander Blacker said...

Jake, maybe i didn't make it clear, yeah if you got the cash to spend and want a "bigger" camera that give you some what more room to grow in go for the D80+ or 40D etc...But if your getting into the DSLR world and have no idea what your doing, choosing a lower end model which is going to give you a good amount of liberty to learn the initial functions of each of the things in the camera, to get a feel of what appreture/shutter speed is then go for that, it going to be an easier learning curve. Then to throw yourself into getting a D3/300 from the start so to speak. Oh man this so hard to explain, i wish i could record a post an answer would be alot easier.

I m don't regret having the D40x from start because now i have a really really good base, and i can take the next jump to the D300/3 if i so wanted to. Or the D80 (but as i stated it would be too small of a jump).

I dont really make sense. But sure if you get cash to spend the time to learn i would recommend you jump to the D300 or something like that right of the bat. That could also be an option.

I think you will or maybe not, what i m talking about once you grab that DSLR Jake. One thing is doing it in practice and another thing is reading up on it! And you forget something sometimes, i forgot a few things when i was out with D80 but then i fixed that and realized what i was doing wrong. Something i guess i wouldn't have noticed if i didn't start of with something basic..That just how i work on understanding things. Maybe it varies from person to person

I think its great to have the D40x the size is super man, its really small compared to the D80 and you can only tell when you have them right next to each other. And each camera servers its purpose you know?