Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photoshop: Learn How to use CameraRAW

Hello, i just had to post this. I would feel guilty if i didn't share this with my viewers.

I have talked about JPEG vs RAW in a post in the past, and i just realized that i haven't talked about the editing tools avaliable in CameraRAW plugin for photoshop. Now before anything, if you have photoshop and you dont have the CameraRAW plugin in you can get the latest version of CameraRaw below:

CameraRaw Windows

Note that you will need a special version of Photoshop depending on what camera you have to check their website to see what photoshop supports your RAW files.

Now back on track: Well CamerRAW is an amazing plug in for photoshop, and i kind of took it for granted that everyone knew how to use is, which is very wrong for me to say, but if you can spare about 25min of your life (they are going to be groundbreaking 23minutes) you will start to get better images after shooting them with the help of CameraRAW. Below is probably the best explanatory video that i have found when using CameraRAW, i could have typed it up but this way it saves time for both you and me.

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