Monday, April 21, 2008

Studio: First Attempt

Well i was sitting around before bed time craving to take some shots, but wasnt really in the mood of going out. So i started building a studio at home so to speak. Now i use A4 papers for reflections, and decided to pic up some objects i had laying around the house and shoot them just for funsies!

The Reults

The Setup

the last pic is a picture of the setup i was working with, the orginal shots came out quite clean, apart from i gotta way to disguise the shadows i think i need a 4th of 5th source of light. There was barley any light in my room, but i shoot at ISO 100 anywas, i had mounted the SB 600 with the difuser, when i was messing around to hook up all the lighting i wanted to move one of my lamps in my room and the bulb broke now i only got 1 out of 3 working, time to change them here the shots come, some what diffrent but i just wanted to share like always!

if your wondering that orange stuff isnt orange juice its passion fruit extract with water, and water bottle, celotejp to place the A4 togher, IKEA lamps, some of my pictures on teh wall that i developed back in the days in a lab, and a souviner that i brough back home from brazil on the window rack!

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