Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photoshop: The importance of post processing

I'm one of those photographers that captures something with their camera, but in my mind another thing is going on, i see something totally different. And this is where the post processing comes in

Over the past few months i must say that my post processing techniques have sky rocketed. I used to know some basics, how to clone and how to fix certain things adjusting levels, but over time i have just been playing around with settings to achieve what i see in my mind when i m looking at something, or at least get rather close to it! There are also a lot of photograph which i don't post process at all, this is just because they don't need any, because the camera captures what i see.

Some people might say that this bad photography but i would like to disagree, i see photography as a form of art, and any type of art form and most of the photographers out there are artist, they see everything differently, and they capture and post process it differently as well.

Below is an example of what i m talking about:

Sunset  in Ljunghusen original HDR

I was out biking and it was sunset time so i went to my favorite spot to photograph, and i was just in a very good mood, it was nice and warm outside the colors of the sky where stunning and i though i would take a picture so i could remember the moment. So i set up my camera, took some test shots to see what what shutter speed and appreture i should use, and selected the desired EV. Then i took the shot, and i looked at the screen and i was like "wow" this isn't what i see. So i said Ok, i wil fix it when i get home

and this is what or very close to what i saw at that moment:

Sunset in Ljunghusen HDR

Have a good evening!

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