Monday, April 21, 2008

Photoshop: Playing with layer options and layers

I am a big fan of Photoshop, what i mean by this is that i seem to find out how to do crazy things everytime i open the program and end up going experminatl almost all the time.

I did an Illustration some weeks ago, which i tiled "ABSOLUT PSYCHADELIC" i was working on creating some ad-related materials, just se how it felt. I ended up beeing quite pleased with the reuslts:

The Reuslts

How did i do it:

Step 1: First i jotted down some ideas that i had that could work toghter, started out doing some sketches to see what would work.

Step 2: Decedide upong going witha psychadelic effect, which i did. So i started out by carfeully drawing out the "outer shape" of the absolut vodka bottle (happend to have some here at home) then i tranced the text into the shape, and scanned the document.

Step 3: Open CS3 (or any Photoshop version) create a new image (File>New) choose something tha you think is apropiate (i used a height of 800 and a with of 600pixels).

Step 4: Make the background layers black

Step 5: Import the scanned document into CS3 or Photoshop, then carfeully select the appropiate section with one of the various way of selecting things in photoshop. Ther are various ways of doing this here is a list with links (just click)
-Quick Mas Mode
-Basics on Selection tools and how to use them
-Very accurate selection
-Youtube seach on how to select

Step 6: Using the pen/bruhs toll to create the shapes that you can see in the image, go for anythign psychadelic really (strong vibrant colours). Then with with the Layer options you add the glow, note that thats its quite convient to create a new player for each time your doing a new "design withing" the image, makes life alot easier in the long run and in case you want to come back and change things. Links to using the pen tool below
-Using the Pen Tool
-Youtube seach for Pen Tool
-Glow Tutorial

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