Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have been a member of Camberalabs for quite some time now, and i found that the website helped me alot in the begging of my DSLR days, so i though i might share some of the things that Grodon Laing has to offer to you!

On his website DSLRTips he has provided alot of video tutorials on how to photograph under diffrent circumstances, what setting to use to achive a certain effect, how to use a fill in flash. Great basic tutorilas, and free of charge!!

Her are some to get you started for more visit DSLRTips and if your wondering about a product review Gordon Laing has a great deal of them here Camera/Lens/Point and Shoot/Accessories/Feature and much more.

Basic night photography:

How to blur water for a dreamy effect:

How to blur action shots for a feeling of speed

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