Saturday, April 26, 2008


After several requests i have decided that i m going to show you guys my tutorial on how to paint with light, so you can archive results like the ones below.

Now i did this tutorial on video, to make things easier for you! Its was recorded on a point and shot camera so quality/audio is ht best out there! Here are some of the results that you can achieve

wiked buss stop

lasso man and the spider

hitchin' a ride

chillin' on the stairs

On some parts its unclear what i m saying on the video but when i m pressing the shutter i m saying:

"auto focus" and i did actually say "rock and roll" before you start to paint

Sorry for the bad accent i try my best :)


Jake said...

Well done, like the video alex. Your accent is fine, because to you I have a funny accent. I think you should have included the result in the video. I'd post more but there are some severe thunderstorms rolling in and I wanna shoot some lighting.


Alexander Blacker said...

I was planning on putting the "results" so to speak in the video as well but i was doing it very sloppy so i decided not to post them, and post some of my better results :) Maybe i will go for a better one next time when i m outdoors instead

Courtney said...

Your accent is beautiful as is your photography. I would also love to see another video with the results of it posted as well. Awesome idea!


Chan said...

Thanks man for the tutorial, with this i could have something to show off my peeps :D Cheer mate!