Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photoshop: Black and White Images

Sorry for the for not posting yesterday i was rather busy with my personal life (yes i have one :D)

Now lets cut to the chase.

I started out with photography taking pictures with film and the film i used was black and white. Now there is always something special about black and white images! Maybe its the tone or the mood they give out but on some photographs they just works great and they add a lot more to the image then a colored image would have done. I m going to scan in a few of my black and whits and show them to you later on.

There are severals ways of turning a colored image into black and white, and i thought that maybe i could just take the time and write a great tutorial, but why do so when there is a great video tutorial out there. I love video tutorials for the fact that you can go back and check out what has been done what setting has been used, you can pause and listen to the tutorial while working on photoshop at the same time! And its some what easier to understand when some one is doing it in practice instead of trying to understand it by reading of a website (like this one for example)

I found this great video tutorial on how to turn colored images into black and white using various ways and the best way, the way that i do it as well! So here it comes, get ready to learn about Black and White photography!

Sit back open photoshop!

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