Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Design: Getting Started

Yes over the past few weeks i been thinking of doing some freelancing design, just to get started combine both photography and illustration and just have fun. I though i could have this as a side project while i m doing alot of other things, i enjoy it and if i make the extra cash why not? and if i dont then there is no problem, i already have a job! I been working an a few things these past weeks:

The first thing i just about finnished my logo that i m going to have, I m not 100% satisfied with the colouring so any input would be great (just leave a comment)

And then i been working on the "main page" for the website as well, which i m going to stick with it because i really like it (debating where either i should keep the guns or not, might not be such a good idea, gotta think about that)

If you guys are intrested in the this type of work i m going to line up some tutorials that i have used to create such things! Just let me knw

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Joe said...

oh heck ya, I know I am definitely interested in the tutorial on how you create the logos, I am looking to design a logo of my own, this would definitely help.

Are the spatter paint created in PS with brushes??