Monday, April 21, 2008

How To: get a star shaped sun

Its always been a "NO NO" when it comes to photographing towards the sun, but i honestly really like the effect of taking such images, creating the silutes and creatinga very drastic contrast between the ground and the sky. The other day i realised that taking pictures of the sun att smaller appretures (f/5.6 for exampel) tha the sun came out like a round ball, rather dull, like in the image below:

(image from

Then i decided to go for a larger appreture (f/22 for exampel) and i realised that the sun had had become much more intresting then it was in the previous photograhp, it obtained a star like shape which added alot to the feeling of the image. Here is an exampel (note that the exampel picture isnt great and there seems to be some dust and whot not on the lens but it illustrates what i was walking about)

(image from

note the lens flare, which can easily be avodided by using a hood or simpley by covernig the lens with your hand!

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