Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photography: Inspiration and the drive force!

I haven't done a post about photography for quite some time now, and i though i do one.

A quick tip if you already didn't know:
-If your photographing with your DSLR during a very bright day bump the EV down to -0.7 or -0.3 this will give you much better looking photo's. And it will decrease the risk of overexposing!

When it comes to my photography, you will see that most of my pictures are very different. This is because i get "creative" waves as i refer them to, what i mean by this is that i just get a drive force that is in my or in my head that wants to pull of something. I will be trying to do this until i have done it. Then it dies out or i go along with it.

Where do i get my creativity from? I love colors, the more the better the stronger the better, colors drive me to see things and there are moments where i just want to capture a certain color, that is why i like selective coloring a lot, i can enhance a specific color in my image.

Something that i m been into a lot lately is movement, i want to capture movement some how or in some way, this is really hard when it comes to photography because when your taking a photo your freezing a moment, and playing around with shutter speeds photoshop can help but sometime you just don't get what you want.

Fun fact about me: I previously mentioned that i like color, i love color. But when it comes to what i dress i pretty much only wear gray scale clothing, but when summer comes along you will see me walking around like a glowing neon stick :)

Updated: There will be a guest speaker coming in once in a while doing post here, and helping me out to come up with some new things to share with you, his name is Mark, and he is a great guy.

I can't really tell you when is going to pop in but he is :)

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