Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photoshop: Creating Panoramas

Creating panormas has aways been a rather hard task (i tired once manualy by attaching serveral images didnt really work out great) But with the help of CS3/Photoshpo this can be quite an easy thing to do, just got a sit back and click a few time!

Before starting, panorama photogrpahs are a series of photos that are taken from the same location/are and then merged toghter to create one big image, a panoramic view!

You dont need to have a tripod for taking panorma photos these days but it sure makes life easier, but as long as your about the same angel (the less you vary the horizontal angel the better shot you will obtaine) you should be fine.

Here is my tutorial on how to create Panorama photos:

This can be applied both to photoshop and elemnts:

Step 1: Open the sowftaware of course

Step 2: Go into File>Automate>Photomerg (this brings up a dialog box that look like below) Select then Auto (unless you want to play around with the other options)

Step 3: Locate your files on your hardrive by clicking the "Browse" key this will bring a up a new window where you can select the jpegs or other type of image files that you want to use, press the key Ctrl down and click all the images you want when done pree "OK" and you will ahve something that looks like this below: When you see this then press "OK" one more time, this will load the actualy photos toghert and will line up the shots

Stemp 5: After clicking "OK" on the previous step you will end up with something that looks similar to this:

Now use the crop tool (hot key C) or the rectangle tool and select a straight area/rectagular area, so you get a straigh top/bottom and a straight sides

Your final product could end up like this (note that the frame of this image has been added later on, adding frames is a tutorial for later)

Here are some Panoramas i have created:

Västra Hamnen, Malmö Sweden: (3 images togher) - click the image for larger version

Ljunghusen, Sweden (10 images togher) - click the image for larger version

If you want to see more go to:
My Flickr

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