Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photography: Framing your subject

I think its quite important to know how to place your subject into the frame specially if its only one thing that you want as your main subject!

It feels rather natural to place the most important thing in a photograph in the middle, its just the way we do things.

One thing i do not know if a lot of people are aware of but the AF (auto focusing sensors) in your camera can be manipulated, often when pressing the shutter half way down you will hear a "beep" along with some sort of highlight color in your viewfinder or display, this shows you the camera man/woman where the camera is going to have it main focus so to speak, now with the shutter still pressed down half way your can just move around your camera to "frame" the subject nicer to one one side or the other top or bottom and it will still be in focus?

Here is an example: i looked at this thought the viewfinder of my camera then i started of by placing the light bulb in the middle of the frame and pressed the shutter half way down, and when it was time to press the shutter all the way down i moved the camera and placed the light bulb on the top right corner, or a bit to the top right (on one of the intersections of the rule of thirds)

nature meets techonolgy

When is placing your subject in the frame a good option? Well i do not have a concrete answer to this question but here are a few example of when it works and that way you might understand a bit better, i personally understand a lot better when i m shown an example the more the better so i m going to try to post as many as i can:

Panning CL 500

morning espresso.

lost in the crowd!

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Jake said...

I think the expresso would have benefited from being either left or right of the center, just a little.