Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photoshop: Creating Frames

In this post and the previous one is a glimps of some simple ways of creating frames for your digital images!

This method is great for when you dont want the image to be completly central

Step 1: Open the image in Photoshop/Elements this will create a "background" layer, note that this layer is locked so unlock it just double clikc the layer and when the dialog box comes up press ok (now the layer is unlocked)

Step 2: Create a new layer, to do this go to Layer>New>Layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), this will give you a new layer. Note that this new layer will appear above the background layer, drag this "new layer" below the actual image, so it looks like this:

Step 3: Now on with this layer you change the Canvas Size, which is explaind in the other post (scroll down a bit) Note that you wont be able to select the "colour" this time but this is easily using the Bucket tool (hot key G) and play around with the desired colours.

By using the Move Tool (hot key: V) you can move the image around so you can place it any where you want to below is an exampel

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