Monday, April 21, 2008

Photoshop: The Transfor Tool

Came home today witha great idea in my head i wanted to combine a Apple and a Orange into one. But, as i got home there were not apples or oranges in the fruit basket, so with the help of my "mentor" Ed Tang he provided me quickly with a shot of a appel! And the orange shot i actualy find amongs the photos i keep on my hardrive

The Results

How did i do this:

Step 1: Open CS3 or Photoshop

Step 2: Import image (appel image) to CS3 just by dragin the jpeg document and dropping it in the open CS3 window.

Step 2: Press the backgroud layer and Ctrl+J this will copy the current selected layer. Delet the background (this is just another way of unlocking the background)

Step 3: Use the colour selection tool to just select the appels themself and not the background. Link below on how to do it
-Color Selection

Step 4: With the "white area selected" adjust the levels til you get a white background in case you dont have one (this step isnt necessary if you have a plane background). To adjust levels make sure the "appel" layer is selected and go inot Image>Adjustments>Levels. Move the sliders around till your pleased with the white

Step 5: Now its time to change the colour of the appel, because the picture that i started with orgianly was a red appel, sow what you do now is that you inverse the selection of the white background. To do this go to: Seletct>Inverse or Shift+Ctrl+I and now go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation. Play around with the sliders till your statisified with the colour

Step 6: Import the Orange image into CS3, and use one of the selections tools i posted about in my previous post. Make sure the layers i on a transparent background so just erase anything you dont want to appear. But keep the juicy stuff!

Step 6: Select the the rectangle tool and then copy the desired selection of the orange that you want to use. Then press Ctrl+C and go back to the apple window, and press Ctrl+V this will paste the orange image as a new layer in the appel document. Now go into Edit>Transform>Warp/Perspective play around with these settings untill you get the orange in the place you want it to be the, then your DONE! :D

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