Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Readers: Do you host your images on the web?

I was just wondering if anyone one of your readers host your images on the web and if so, if you could share a link in the comment section and if possible i could use them as sample images on the blog if i would need one. I m honestly running out of images from my photos so to speak! So that would be great.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments i received earlier, means alot


Rob said...

Your welcome to use any of mine if you like. Great articles btw!

Jake said...

Alex, your welcome to mine if you ever need them.

You know where they are:


Alexander Blacker said...

This was an idea i came up with yesterday, so thanks alot guys

neagley said...

You're welcome to use any of mine, too. There are a lot of bad ones to use as lessons too. jaja...but since I'm studying abroad I am taking a lot of photos.

ice said...

Hey mate,

Sure, if you find anything that you could use, feel free to use mines aswell, .

Some said...

feel free to browse thru mine