Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Readers: What inspires you?

This is a question for those of my readers that consider themselves more of an artistic photographer, i was just wondering about what inspires you? Where do you find it?

I find it in alot of places, when just walking about. Or maybe i find it while browsing a magazine, watching tv or emotions that i m going through. One thing that i find really important is too keep an "idea" book or notebook if you will where i write down all the projects that i have in mind, this is a book that i review quite often and i try to carry it around with me at most time if not i will jot the info down on my cellphone and later transfer it to my book. Its a great way to keep your creativity going!

Feel free to share

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Brigaid said...

One thing that inspires me is just knowing my next shot will most likely be an improvement on my last so I just keep trying. That and browsing Flickr.