Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Equipment: What you will Find in my Bag

Melissa suggested that i do a little show and tell! Which i decided was not a bad idea. Because i m not using top the of the line DSLR's or even semi pro DSLR i ma using a entry level model and this could help to illustrate that its no the price tag on the camera that is going to take the god shots its the person behind it and know how to master the peace of equipment your holding between your hands while taking the picture.

Here it goes for what you will find in or very very near my camera bag at all times:
(click the image for a larger size).

Now i m going to go from the top left hand side of the image and then to the right hand side, on the first row:

  • My camera bag (you can see how i pack it here)
Second row:
  • Cokin P holder (for filters)
  • Nikon D40x mounted with the 50mm f/1.8 lens and 52mm UV filter on the lens
  • Nikon 18-55 f/3.6-5.6 kit lens and 52mm UV filter on the lens
Third row:
  • Cokin 52mm adaptor ring
  • SB 600
  • My memory cards (total of 5GB) and information card
Fourth row:
  • Coking cirucal polarazing filter
  • Omnibouncer for my SB 600
  • Spare battery (charge no on the image)
Fith row:
  • Blower for cleaning the camera sensor
  • SB 600 bag with stand and bounce cards
  • Generic remote for the camera ($1 over at ebay) works great
Oh i forgot to take a picture of the miniature tripod that i have, but if you check the link below were i reviewed the camera bag you will see the rest of the equipment i have (external hard drives etc) and there is a image of the miniature tripod as well. Hope this made some of you guys less curious to what i have.

More images of my equipment

Picture taken with a Cannon PowerShot SD600 and ok point and shoot camera.


ice said...

Nice gear there, I have to get my self one of those blowers aswell, but photography stores in Limassol really really stink at what they have to offer and for what prices.
Anyways, another thing I see in the other photos of your gear you posted previously, is that you carry around an external harddrive, but how do you connect it to the camera ? Care to share that, it would be awesome to be able and transfer stuff straight on the drive, without having to carry my laptop around :).
Secondly, do you find the Cokin system (holder + separate filters) better than generic filters ? And if you do, can you let me know why ? Does the holder work on all the lenses (as in generic mount) ? Or just for one of them ?
I know those are a lot of questions, but I'm curious :p

Alexander Blacker said...

Thanks ice,

The reason i carry around a hard drive is that during these modern days is that you will always find a place where you can borrow a computer or rent it for a few minutes, to transfer the photos to the pc and then to hard drive to later be processed her at home. Now i don't carry that HD around with me all the time only when i go for longer trips where i know i will need the extra memory. And i dont do much shooting in JPG so the RAW will eat the cards pretty fast.

I have just placed an order for a ipod camera connector which works that you connect the camera to your ipod so you can transfer the photos to the ipod that gives me a nice 30gb to walk around with to transfer photos to, which is very neat.

The Cokin filters are "Ok" filter that will render some pretty good results if your are into hobby photography which is pretty much what i am, and there are better and worse options to choose from. I used their CPL so far and i think it renders great results, for the given price tag that i got it for. I have also read and spoken to people that have experienced with the other filter and say they have no problems with them. But these are not top of the line filters, but i dont need top of the line filters either, because i just cannot afford them.

The reason that i went for the Cokin system is that i wanted to lower my spendings, the only thing that i would be getting new with each lens is a the adapter ring and these are very very cheap compared to the price of getting a new type of filter for each different diameter lens. So i can pretty much use all my filters on all my lenses as long as i have the correct size adapter ring. The holder works on all adapter rings (no matter the size)

The holder should work on any generic adapter ring, i m not even sure my adapter ring is 100% Cokin. All it is a simple metallic ring that attaches to me lens (or UV filter) were i later on attack the adapter. I will show some pictures of the set up to make things easier.

Hope that answer some of your questions Ice!

ice said...

cool, thanks :) I am interested to that system because of the same reason you stated, it would be nice to have only 1 kind of each filter (like circular pl, NDs etc) and use them on all lenses, I am not a rich mofo either, and secondly, like I already said things relly suck in regards to what I can buy here :(
Basically I only have UV filters for all my lenses now (use them as protection for the lens mainly), and for the 18-70 I have a circular Pl and an ND8.