Sunday, June 15, 2008

Readers: Sorry

Sorry readers, i haven't posted today. I don't have a PC at the moment, so i posting this from my iTouch, the reason that i couldn't post is that there is no furniture at my parents house which is were i m currently staying to help them move. Its now 00:13 and were finally done. I'm quite tired now, so i will be going to bed.

Once again I'm terribly sorry!


Rob said...

Rest well. No need to be sorry. I moved about a year ago and it is indeed a lot of work!

Alexander Blacker said...

Thanks Rob, i did get some sleep when i got home, crazy busy day. I took a break after eating my second meal of the day and ended up falling sleep. Then i set up the PC and started blogging again!

Its alot of work indeed, more then you would expect