Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Readers: How Are You Guys?

Hey readers just came in here to post and see how you guys been? And how you liking the blog so far, its seems to be getting alot of hits these days! About 100 new readers every day i hope they stick around, once again i post asking:

What do you want to read about? Just place a comment here and i will do my best in covering it :)

good night!


Melissa said...

Hello, I just want to say I greatly enjoy your blog. I stumbled across it about two weeks ago and the information you share is very helpful. I am rather new to photography and am always looking for tips and ideas. I also think your photos are great.

bullsalv said...

It's my first time stumbling on your blog and I must say you have yourself quite an impressive array of topics you cover. Some are in depth while others are very helpful.

Keep up the great work buddy.

Alexander Blacker said...

Thanks for the kinds words guys!

May i ask where you guys stumbled upon this blog? Would be very interesting to know!

neagley said...

I love your blog. I have had my DSLR for awhile, but I'm only starting to play with its features.

I would really like an explanation about the dials on the top of the DSLR. I get very confused when I need to use a certain mode. I.e. I want to change the aperture.

Why is the histogram feature on the camera useful? It's under the details/info button on my camera.

These are my thoughts for now. And I found your blog through Google's blog search.

Neagley in Buenos Aires

Melissa said...

I check out Digital Photography School blog a lot. Your picture was a winner for the Five Senses Challenge (congratulations, awesome picture!). That led me to your Flickr and I eventually got to your blog (and subscribed right away). Keep up the great work, it's an inspiration to get out there and take more photos!

Ian said...

Great blog! I'm looking to get my first dslr and found a link for your site at the Camera Labs forum. Very interesting and informative!