Monday, June 30, 2008

Readers: I m of on vacation

Hello everyone!

I would like to start of by thanking you guys for reading the blog and taking such interest in what i do, and what i like to share. I hope to see some of you stick around for a while and maybe partake in what i do some day, and hopefully we can become bigger and share the experience of capturing special moments with the camera.

I would like to say that on Wednesday the 2nd of this month i will be going on vacation till the 29th of July. What does this mean? Well it means i have not found anyone that wants to help me out so i think there will be no posting in 1 months period almost, if you feel you can help me out with a few posts while i m gone, feel free to drop me an email or post in the comments section and we can discuss it. I m sorry that i wont be able to post, but i will be going to a place in Spain where Internet will not be available to me.

p.s i m also stopping by Amsterdam, anyone know anything special i should stop by to see there? As in i must go?




ice said...

Wish I could help, but my timetable is too full, and besides, I wouldn't know what to write about hehe.

Anyways, have fun mate, and enjoy your vacation, wish you many great photos and many new interesting friends.

Cya when you get back :)

Alexander Blacker said...

No problem man,

I sure will be having alot of fun and enjoying myself, and get to spend some time in some great weather!'


INFJ said...

Awesome blog you have here!!!! Hope you're enjoying your vacation, and thanks for all the great posts you have made.