Friday, October 24, 2008

Photography: 5 Things to Help Your Composition (part 1)

Sorry that it has taken me quite some time to post today, my brother is home from Budapest and he is leaving tomorrow so i have spent the day with him and later were are going to have dinner with the family (i m turning 21 on Monday so were kind of celebrating that)

Back to business:

There are some general guide lines that i have mentioned in previous posts, but now i m going to offer you a set of tools that will help the overall composition of your image.


Patterns are always nice eye catchers and tend to be pleasing to the eye, if you look about in your surrounding you will find out that a lot of things are actually made of patterns. Just looking around and about where i m writing this from i can see a clear pattern on the curtains, the way the plates are lined up drying from the previous wash etc. If you work with these they will help your image


I m a BIG fan of it, why? I really dont know, i think that things that look symmetrical look really nice (might just be a opinion things) but this is something that you can clearly see in my photography. For some reason symmetrical makes to image look well balanced and just makes your eyes go from the outer part of the frame to the inside of the frame

The Pier, shot with a CPL


Texture is always nice, it adds that little "extra" thing to your image. It makes those 2D images look just a bit more 3D. The best way to bring out textures is by having the light hit the textured object at a certain angle and thus casting shadows that will bring out the textures in the image.

DOF (Depth of Field)

Works great to isolate/bring out certain parts of the frame out. Got some great tips today from this professional wedding photographer, he works a lot with the 85mm f/1.8 and he says that at f/1.8-2.8 he gets the face perfect while the bokeh works its way to the outer part of the face as well as the hair or vale. So that might be something to take into account if your at a wedding next time.


Lines, lines:

Work those lines into your image, they works great and who does not like lines! Depending on how you use the lines they can either draw the eye from left to right of the image and vice versa. Or from the outside to the inside of the image and vice versa, always a nice eye catcher. So what are lines? Pretty much anything if you ask me, but of course you all know what clear lines are. So if you see some out there in the photo that your going to take, try to embed them into your image

Summer Feeling

Have a great weekend!

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