Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monthly Assignment : November

The monthly assignment is something that i m going to start this month and its going to be going for the whole month, until the end of it that is.

So what is this deal? Well its to push you to get some nice shots and to work as an incentive so to speak to get your camera out there. Note i will also working on this.

So how does it work? Well what you want to do is that you want to upload the image to flickr and tag it with "blacker-november08" for the November assignment for example and, and the last word in the tag will change from month to month, and year wise as well, note that were moving into 2009 soon!

So this months assignment is going to be, Portraits

This mean a photograph that includes a person some how.

There are some rules to be followed, this they are the only to get you working and practicing your photography. The rules are that the image should be taken on the same month for the monthly assignment so to speak. So for this month the shot has to be taken in November.

I will pick a personal winner, and who knows i might reward that winner some how?! So lets start snapping those images, and remember you only got one image per person!

Categories that i will judge the image by: lightning, creativity/idea, theme, composition, and i will ask my mom what she thinks (she is very biased and only likes a very few pictures), but she wont make the final decision but it will have some sort of influence.

Get out there and shoot some portraits for me :) and place some entries, remember to post the image in the Bläcker Photography Flickr Group, if not i cannot find them that easy! Thanks!

Most important of all is that you have fun


Ed said...

Good to see you're back updating your blog - just a pointer: this is an inconsistent post in that you've mentioned month and week...

Alexander Blacker said...

Thanks for pointing that out Ed, i fixed it! Nice to see you around

Alexander Blacker said...

Thanks for pointing that out Ed, i fixed it! Nice to see you around